Animal Assisted Therapy with Bhodi


If you like the idea of working with a dog in the therapy room, then here is the place to be.
Introducing Bodhi, the newest Team member.  Fun, loving and great with picking up emotions.  Bodhi provides a calming environment to help ease your anxiety. 

Benefits of a Therapy Dog

There are many benefits of having a therapy dog around. Whether you have one around your home full time or come into encounter with one while at places such as the hospital, there is no doubt they can have a positive impact on one’s health and well-being. Although the benefits vary from person-to-person, some of the more common benefits of therapy dogs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Anxiety relief

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Helps with socialization

  • Aids dementia patients

The first and most obvious benefit to note is anxiety relief. The fact is life is stressful, regardless of who you are. When life becomes overwhelming, it can be nice to have a friendly therapy dog around to help reduce anxiety. For those who struggle with chronic anxiety and are stressed seemingly every day, therapy dogs can help reduce stress long-term. For those who are in stressful situations – such as being in the hospital – having a therapy dog around can make life much easier.

In addition to stress management – which can also help reduce blood pressure – therapy dogs also can help with socialization, particularly with children who may have trouble interacting with others. A therapy dog can lift the spirits of a child who has trouble socializing and get them to be more comfortable when interacting with peers at school, during sports, etc. Last but not least, many dementia patients have found success with therapy dogs, and they can improve the quality of life of the elderly in general. In fact, many therapy dogs are trained to do small tasks such as fetching things around the room and helping out in any way they can, which makes them the perfect pet for elderly who may not move as well around the house or have a lack of energy.

It is amazing the impact a simple animal interaction can make on someone’s well-being and mental health. Cuddles of any kind go a long way and the love and affection of a well-trained animal is priceless.